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Dragonball Episodenguide

Der Dragon Ball Z Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Dragon Ball Z in der Übersicht. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der japanischen Animeserie Dragon Ball, sortiert da die Serie nicht im Staffelrhythmus ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Serie wurde dann als Dragon Ball Z und später als Dragon Ball GT fortgeführt. "Dragon Ball Z Kai" nimmt euch mit auf die epische Reise von Son Goku, dem womöglich mächtigsten Krieger des Universums. Alles zur Serie.

Dragon Ball/Episodenliste

Anime no Tomodachi: Dragon Ball Z Episodenguide. Son-Goku soll ein Saiyajin sein, der als Baby vom Planeten Vegeta auf die Erde geschickt wurde, um die. "Dragon Ball Z Kai" nimmt euch mit auf die epische Reise von Son Goku, dem womöglich mächtigsten Krieger des Universums. Alles zur Serie. Der Dragon Ball Z Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Dragon Ball Z in der Übersicht.

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Osoru Beshi Tenshinhan. Kuririn no Paaden ne Daisakusen. Kuririn no Daisakusen. Goku now has six Dragon Balls but cannot track the last one.

By the time Yamcha and the others arrive, the war is over and Goku reunites with the lot. Goku's success in crippling the RR Army amazes everyone.

Puar scouts around the RR base with her ability to fly, but she finds no one. Even Goku's climbing Korin's Tower surprises Roshi.

Bulma promises to fix the Dragon Radar and Goku promises to have Bora resurrected. Bulma finds there is nothing wrong with the dragon radar and thinks something organic may have swallowed the ball that puts the ball off detection.

Roshi suggests Goku visits Fortuneteller Baba to find the last Dragon Ball with her clairvoyance. Goku takes off with Yamcha, Puar and Krillin.

They stop at a town and Goku needs to get a new suit of clothes. While a new martial suit is being made, Goku takes Upa on the adventure with him.

After changing into his new clothes, Goku and his friends head off to Fortuneteller Baba's palace, passing desert tornadoes and storms.

They are greeted by Fortuneteller Baba's assistant Ghost at the palace. A group of mean-looking visitors enter the palace and leave in a devastated state.

Goku and the others enter and meet Fortuneteller Baba herself who is not what they expected. Baba is asking a huge price for a single fortune and Goku's only alternative is to battle five warriors of Baba's.

Yamcha, Krillin and Goku feel up to fighting while Upa and Puar choose to stay back. Krillin starts against Fangs the Vampire.

Krillin misses every time, and is beaten when Fangs sinks his fangs into Krillin's scalp and suck almost all of his blood.

Krillin loses a lot of blood and Fangs pushes him into the lake with a knee kick. Ghost attends to Krillin's blood loss.

Unsuspecting Upa and Puar volunteer to be the next to fight Fangs together, which Fangs agrees to. Scared but determined, Upa breathes crunched up garlic in Fangs' face.

Fangs then rounds on Puar, but she turns into porcupine that impales Fangs' jaws. Upa then used his resemblance to form the cross of Jesus Christ which scares Fangs, and he transformed into a bat to retreat.

Puar then turns into a giant hand and slaps Fangs into the lake. Yamcha chooses to fight next.

Baba tells Yamcha he is fighting an invisible warrior. While Yamcha's attempts are unsuccessful, Krillin sends Goku to fetch Bulma and Roshi.

Yamcha tries hearing the invisible man out. Goku locates Roshi and Bulma in their capsule ship. Goku collects Roshi and Bulma in a careless manner then makes the ship swerve down and aggressive Launch takes control in the nick of time.

Yamcha's hearing the invisible man works out at first until Baba starts singing awfully. Yamcha takes repetitive blows. Krillin diverts the invisible man with applause giving Yamcha the chance to fight back, but the invisible man becomes silent and starts devastating Yamcha.

Goku arrives with Roshi and Bulma. With a thrust of Bulma's breasts, Krillin causes Roshi to have a violent nosebleed right on the invisible man, exposing him to Yamcha.

Yamcha beats the invisible man with a Wolf Fang Fist, making him surrender. Roshi reveals that Baba is his sister. For the next fight, Baba leads the whole lot into her creepy tower.

Yamcha is to fight in a realm called "The Devil's Toilet". Baba takes Goku to her home room, serving him a meal while testing his reflexes.

Baba has creepy ideas in store for Goku and his friends. Baba summons a coffin. Out comes Yamcha's opponent, a mummified warrior.

The mummy is a lot faster and stronger than he looks and Yamcha nearly falls in the Devil's Toilet. The mummy beats Yamcha despite his attempt to retaliate a surprise attack as the gang watched in horror, threatening to crush him by breaking his limbs if he refuse to surrender.

Unable to watch his master being tortured in the fight, Puar has finally had enough. He cuts in and transformed into a woodpecker to peck the mummy, forcing him to release Yamcha, but it makes matters worse; the mummy knocked down Puar to the ground with Yamcha and he was seemingly dead he was only knocked out and not dead.

Furiously pained by the loss of his shape shifting friend, Yamcha tries his last effort to defeat the mummy, but was too weaken from the beating.

The mummy then grabs Yamcha and forces him to give up or fall into the Devil's Toilet. When Yamcha refuses, he drops him into the green lava of the Devil's Toilet.

Goku saves Yamcha with his Power Pole thus Baba decides he's already lost, and while Yamcha and Puar recovered to watch with the others, he enters the next fight.

The mummy feels a bit hesitant to fight Goku. Goku whets the mummy's appetite and counter-strikes. The mummy binds Goku with his own bandages.

After a long struggle, Goku jumps down just beyond the deadly toilet water and breaks free. Goku defeats the mummy with a single punch.

Goku's next opponent is a demon called Spike. The demon seems easy to beat and he nearly falls in the toilet. Spike prepares to use his Devilmite beam to finish Goku.

Master Roshi briefs the others on the story of Spike. Spike fires his Devilmite beam on Goku. Goku resists the beam entirely. Spike fires a stronger Devilmite beam.

Goku resists that one entirely as well. Spike then flails a trident at Goku. A mysterious man wearing a cat mask and a halo on his head has been watching Goku closely.

Goku almost falls in the Devil's Toilet but climbs on the other side of the bridge and surprises Spike.

Goku finishes Spike with a mighty kick. The final fighter requests Baba that he and Goku fight outside. Roshi senses some familiarity about the fifth fighter.

The fight begins. The final fight begins with a struggle. Both opponents are evenly matched. The masked man launches Goku in the air and sends him crashing through the stage, but Goku attacks back.

The masked man launches a Kamehameha Wave, which Goku avoids. Goku does his own Kamehameha Wave on the masked man, causing him to fell on the ground and lands a knee blow on him.

Goku believes he has won, but it was not over. The masked man grabs Goku's tail, disabling him through his weakness from fighting and starts slamming him.

The masked man is becoming more familiar to Roshi all the time and he has a good idea who is under the mask.

Roshi reveals to the gang that the man is none other than Goku's deceased grandfather, Gohan. Gohan repeatedly slams Goku against the floor. Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf is trying out his new power suit and Shu and Mai spy from a satellite on Goku.

It turns out Pilaf has the final Dragon Ball and has jammed the Dragon Radar. After they soon discovered Goku's weak point is his tail, Pilaf, Shu and Mai sets off to Fortuneteller Baba's palace to squeeze Goku's tail for defeat and steal his last six Dragon Balls.

Back at Fortuneteller Baba's palace, as Goku is still refusing to give up through the weakness of his tail, Gohan is about to slam Goku one more time to kill his own grandson much to the horror of Goku's friends.

However, Goku's tail eventually rips off, just in the nick of time to avoid the final blow. Completely free from his weak point, but enraged at Gohan for pulling off his tail, Goku is about fight back.

But Gohan surrenders and reveals his face to Goku. Bulma retells her adventures with Goku. Gohan chooses to stay dead and vanishes after a farewell.

Baba reveals the exact location of the last Dragon Ball. Goku flies his Nimbus after Pilaf's car to get the last Dragon Ball. Emperor Pilaf is heading to Baba's place in the hope of procuring the other dragon balls, thinking that Goku still has a weakness.

Goku stops the car and recognises his previous enemies. Pilaf challenges Goku to a battle, with his dragon ball against all six in Goku's possession.

Pilaf, Shu and Mai get in their powersuits. The machines are unaffected by Goku's first attacks. The machines corner Goku and Shu burns his clothes off.

To Pilaf's horror he finds Goku has no tail. Pilaf, Mai and Shu combine their powersuits into a titanic machine. Using a Kamehameha Wave, Goku blasts the side of Mai's powersuit.

Mai ditches her broken powersuit and rides Pilaf's and Shu's combined powersuits as the trio flees. Shu fires a missile, but Goku throws it right back, trashing the powersuits.

Pilaf gives Goku the dragon ball and Shu gives him his clothes. Goku flies back to Baba's place and takes Upa with all the dragon balls to the Land of Korin.

Yamcha wants to train with Roshi who doesn't feel up to it but Bulma changes his mind. Goku and Upa have fun on their journey. Goku summons the eternal dragon and with a pluck of his courage, Upa wishes his father be resurrected.

The dragon grants the wish and Bora rises from his grave. Upa delightfully embraces his father and the dragon vanishes into the seven balls.

Before they can scatter, Goku grabs the four-star ball, which is already turning into stone. Goku bids Bora and Upa farewell and heads back to Baba's place.

Roshi says that he has nothing more to teach Goku. Master Roshi tells Goku that he will get more training by walking instead of riding on the Nimbus Cloud, so Goku starts his journey across the globe, while Yamcha and Krillin head off to Master Roshi's for another round of training.

Goku is traveling when he sees a girl about to be eaten by a tiger-monster. He saves her and she asks him to help her village which is being terrorized by two men called Terror and Plague.

When they reach the village, they see that there is a call going on in which when a person's name is called, and if they don't reply "here", they will be sent inside the gourd a bottle used by Terror and Plague to trap people and dissolve them into a drinkable potion.

Goku shows, challenges and beats them, but they use the gourd and trap him. Goku uses his power pole to prevent himself from completely falling into the bottle.

One of the thugs decides to drink the new potion thinking Goku has been dissolved. Once Goku is freed, he surprises Terror and Plague and traps them into the gourd.

Terror and Plague beg for mercy and as punishment for their tyranny they are put to work. Goku vs. Sky Dragon" Transcription: " Iza Gozen Shiai!

Goku makes an enduring journey to challenge Master Chin. Chin is busy fending off Rising Dragon and his two men. Before Rising Dragon can begin a fight, his brother Sky Dragon stops him.

Chin agrees to work out with Goku, his son Shoken getting worried. Goku finds Chin has been in weak health lately and learns from him about the King's Tournament.

Goku manages to get medicine for Chin, managing to avoid conflict with the Dragon brothers. Sky Dragon spends his time terrifying his students. Goku volunteers to take Chin's place in the King's Tournament.

Jealous Shoken spikes Goku's breakfast. At the tournament Goku is battling Sky Dragon as the laxative kicks in, but he resists the effect and beats Sky Dragon.

The Dragon brothers and students join Chin for his teachings and Goku resumes his journey. In a castle, Princess Misa is taken by a demon.

Goku reaches the village avoiding the traps. In the castle, the king has doubts Goku will succeed but recruits him to face the demon Shula, after seeing his fighting skills.

At that moment, the demons are rampaging the village. The king escorts Goku to the portal the next day, and Goku cannot pull Shula's sword from the door.

At the Kame House, Launch is getting agitated with Roshi, while Yamcha and Krillin are hard at training. Goku meets the guards Gola and Maylay, who advise caution fighting Shula, who intends to marry Princess Misa.

Goku defeats the first demon and shocks everyone with his intention to fight Shula. Goku beats Shula and escapes with Misa, Maylay and Gola helping.

Goku pulls out Shula's sword and seals the portal. Goku finds some people running away from their village. They say that a monster named InoShikaCho is terrorizing their village.

Goku goes to the village and finds two men, one of whom has a third eye, who defeated Inoshikacho. The villagers pay them , zeni for their services.

Later, Goku finds them in the woods with InoShikaCho around a campfire. Goku realizes that they only pretended to kill the monster to get money.

The three-eyed stranger fights Goku. He chops down a tree, which falls on Goku. A girl wakes him up, saying that she found him unconscious in the woods.

Goku goes to the next village and finds the two strangers pulling the same trick. Goku says that they're friends with InoShikaCho, but they trick the villagers into believing Goku is friends with them.

Goku picks up InoShikaCho and runs off, but the villagers catch him. The girl who saved him appears and clears Goku's name. Three years have passed, and it is the day before the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Goku sees three guys beating someone up, so he steps in and fights. They run away, and the guy he saved, Konkichi, is very thankful.

Konkichi takes Goku to the airport so he can fly to Papaya Island, the site of the tournament. Goku has no money, so they go to a carnival to win some.

Goku wins enough money for the tickets, so they head back to the airport. Goku and Gohan agree on Majin Buu, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Android 18, and Android 17 for a total of nine, ruling out Trunks and Goten for their inexperience.

They proceed to ask Vegeta, who has thought up a name for his unborn child and still refuses to participate in the Tournament of Power while Bulma is pregnant.

Whis uses his time warping ability to speed up the infant's birth so Vegeta can participate, with everyone celebrating while Vegeta develops an attachment to his newborn daughter.

While upset that he couldn't name her Eschalot, he settles for Bulma's naming their child Bulla. Goku leaves to recruit team members, starting with Krillin and Goku and Gohan arrive at Krillin's house and ask him and Android 18 to join the Tournament of Power, the latter encouraging her husband to participate before getting suspicious of Goku and Gohan until they lie about a 10 million Zeni reward to win her over.

Gohan decides to test Krillin in a sparring match on the coast with the Tournament's rules, Krillin knocking Gohan into the sea after using the sense deprivation effect of his new Solar Flare x technique.

An excited Goku is excited then challenges Krillin as well, relocating to a building owned by Mr. Satan where Krillin uses his strategy to compensate for the power difference between him and Goku's Super Saiyan form.

Goku then transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form as he overpowers Krillin in clash between their Kamehameha attacks before Android 18 intervenes and blocks Goku's Kamehameha.

Krillin collapses from exhaustion, Android 18 reminding her husband that the Tournament of Power will be a battle royal and that Goku cannot expect to fight one-on-one all the time.

Goku concedes the match and realizes he will have to adjust his tactics before asking for the whereabouts of Android Android 18 reveals that she has not been in touch with her brother since he began working at a wildlife reserve, having no idea where it is.

Goku decides to ask Dende to find Android Gohan leaves to recruit Piccolo, while Goku prepares to go to Dende's Lookout.

He encounters Majin Buu and Mr. Satan training, learning the latter got pumped enough from the Zeno Expo to lose weight for a slimmer appearance.

The two spar together with Buu the winner, getting tired as Goku leaves and reaches the Lookout where Dende knows all about the Tournament of Power.

Dende agrees to help Goku find Android 17 while Gohan prepares to train with Piccolo. At the Eleventh Universe, not inviting Shin, Khai holds a secret meeting with the Supreme Kais for an attempted alliance to request a reprieve from the Zenos for their respective universes to reach the Mortal Level of 7.

Android 17 VS Son Goku!! Android 17 vs. As Dende has the Lookout travel to the island where the wildlife reserve is, he explains how Android 17 started a family and grew stronger since the aftermath of the Cell Games.

He also requests Goku to mentor a child with great fighting potential who is the reincarnation of Kid Buu.

Goku descends to the island, meeting Android 17 for the first time while helping him subdue an army of armed poachers. Android 17 later explains that the poachers are after the island's resident Minotaurus, the last of his species who were hunted for their horns.

Goku and Android 17 decide to have a sparring match before the latter ends the match to keep the island from getting caught in the crossfire, both having held back throughout the fight.

Goku later attempts to convince 17 to join the Tournament of Power, but the android is indifferent even after Goku reveals that all the losing universes will be erased from existence.

Meanwhile, a group of space poachers arrive on Earth with their sights set on the Minotaurus. Goku and No. Goku and Android 17's Joint Struggle!

As Android 17 considers Goku's offer when enticed with a wish on the Super Dragon Balls, they find the island's animals being abducted by the space poachers.

Goku uses his Instant Transmission to teleport himself and Android 17 aboard their spaceship before it left Earth's atmosphere.

Goku ends up dealing with the henchmen while Android 17 confronts and easily defeats the leader. Goku catches up just as the leader pulls out a switch, claiming to have a bomb implant he threatens to detonate if not released immediately.

Android 17 smashes him out of a window into deep space before Goku manages to use his Instant Transmission to teleport them all to King Kai's planet, informed by Dende that the leader was bluffing about the bomb.

Afterwards, Goku and Android 17 return the animals to their rightful homes while Jaco takes custody of the space poachers. Revealing his wish to take his family around the world on an expensive ship, Android 17 accept Goku's offer to fight in the Tournament of Power while entrusting the island to Goten and Trunks.

Piccolo reveals to Gohan that he already joined the Seventh Universe team after Goku informed of their universe's potential erasure, explaining his intent to put Gohan through intense training to reawaken his latent power while explaining one of the flaws in his pupil being his feelings for protect his loved ones are limiting his power.

When Piccolo later removes his weighted clothes to go all out, he points out Gohan's other weakness being his arrogance which Super Buu once exploited.

Though Gohan manifests a fraction of latent power, he lost the match due to his overconfidence after Piccolo blasts him in the back with the severed arm.

That night, Piccolo vows to push Gohan to new heights of power and agrees that they should work on combination moves. The Tenshin-Style Dojo's Mystery?!

The Enigma of the Tien Shin-Style Dojo? During Gohan's spar with Piccolo, Goku learns from Oolong that Master Roshi is serving as an honorary instructor at Tien's new martial arts dojo.

As Goku fails to convince Tien to participate even mentioning the ten million Zeni prize, Yurin manages to escape Roshi and uses paper talismans to force Tien's students to destroy the town.

The group confront Yurin, who reveals herself as a Crane School student seeking revenge on Tien ignoring her challenge the day he left their school.

Roshi battles Yurin while the others subdue the students, only to be bewitched by Yurin while distracted from an accidental glimpse of her panties.

The brainwashed Master Roshi quickly defeats Tien before Goku intervenes, managing to defeat him while Chiaotzu temporarily disables Yurin, Goku subdues Master Roshi with a Kamehameha and cures him of the brainwashing.

Yurin attempts to run off until Tien allows her to remain his student as her desire of getting strong is genuine, though he has her apologize to the villagers.

Tien decides to join the Tournament of Power because he believes that the ten million Zeni Goku promised will repair the village, Roshi eagerly following suit upon hearing about the ten million Zeni.

Meanwhile, at the Sixth Universe, Cabba sways Caulifla into joining his team with the prospect of teaching her how to become a Super Saiyan.

Gohan" Transcription: " Koerubeki kabe o misuete! As Gohan finishes training with Piccolo, they meet up with Goku, Master Roshi, Tien, and Chiaotzu.

At Gohan's request, Goku and Tien have a fight against Gohan and Piccolo to practice for the Tournament of Power.

Although Tien views this as a practice match and wants to avoid injuring anyone, Gohan and Goku take the fight seriously. As Gohan fights both his father and Tien, Piccolo spends the time charging a strong technique that ultimately destroys the mountain they were using as a ring.

Though Goku agrees when Tien calls off the match, he accepts Gohan's request for a one-on-one fight that ends with Super Saiyan Blue Goku using the Kaio-ken to defeat Gohan.

Goku expresses being impressed enough with Gohan that he assign his son as their team captain. The Strongest Warriors Are Gathering!! The Mighty Warriors Gradually Assemble!

When the Zenos are bored with their latest game, the Grand Minister proceed to show the Seventh Universe along with the other universes' progress in assembling their teams.

The Seventh Universe, Vegeta undergoes intense training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber while his gravity chamber in Capsule Corp is used by Goku to spar with Whis.

Master Roshi enlists Puar to train himself to overcome his perverted nature. The Zenos are then shown the other universes' progress, first with the Trio of Danger having trouble in recruiting fighters after the Ninth Universe has descended into chaos after its denizens heard of their potential erasure.

In the Sixth Universe, his reputation in shambles since being exposed as criminal, a destitute Frost is approached by Hit for the tournament while relieved of his hidden arsenal.

In the Tenth Universe, Murichim and his nine companions record a dance video to improve team spirit. The Zenos' attention is then redirected back to the Seventh Universe, as the group is horrified to unexpectedly learn from Mr.

Satan that Majin Buu has fallen into a deep sleep. The Incomplete Ten Members!! Failure to Reach Ten Members!!

As most of the members of the Seventh Universe team gather, Goku races to Mr. Satan's house and finds it impossible to wake Majin Buu up from his hibernation.

By the time Goku returns, Piccolo had revealed the truth of the Tournament of Power to everyone with a betrayed Krillin confronting Goku about it with intention of dropping out like Android 18 and Tien.

But Beerus threatens Krillin to remain while Bulma promises to compensate 18 and Tien for their help. With the group unable to figure out Buu's replacement, Beerus's rant of them wiping out potential recruits in the Frieza Force inspires Goku to recruit Frieza, to everyone's shock.

Meanwhile, in the Sixth Universe, despite his failure to get her angry enough, Cabba teaches Caulifla the means of becoming Super Saiyan by focusing her energy around an area in her back.

Goku Goes To See Frieza!! Goku Approaches Frieza!! Despite everyone questioning his decision, revealing that Freiza's irredeemable nature keeps him trapped, Goku explains his intention to have Fortuneteller Baba resurrect Frieza for twenty four hours to fight in the Tournament of Power.

Goku's friends reluctantly accept Goku's decision as he travels to Other World make the arrangements with King Yemma before visiting Frieza.

After Goku explains about the Tournament of Power, Frieza accepts joining the group while having Goku promise to properly resurrect him with Earth's Dragon Balls should they win.

Meanwhile, in the Sixth Universe, Cabba and Caulifla were unable to get Kale to turn into a Super Saiyan until her own frustration enrage her enough to trigger her transformation into an extremely powerful Legendary Super Saiyan.

Kale immediately goes berserk and attacks Cabba, Caulifla quickly deducing it as a jealous rage over her and Cabba's perceived relationship.

Caulifla clarifies having no feelings for Cabba, causing Kale to revert and collapse in Caulifla's arms as Cabba notes of finding another addition for their team.

A Reception of Mysterious Assassins?! A Reception from Mysterious Assassins? Demukaeru Nazo no Shikaku-tachi!?

Back in the Seventh Universe, Goku informs the group of his success while enlisting Bulma's help for something to give to Baba for her services.

As Master Roshi completes his training at Korin's tower, Krillin and Android 18 pick up Android 17 while leaving Goten and Trunks behind to watch over the island along with Marron.

Goku goes to Fortuneteller Baba's home, where she completes the ritual to temporarily resurrect Frieza. As Goku and Frieza prepare to depart, they are confronted by the assassins.

Frieza wounds their assassins' leader and intends to flex his power, despite time remaining for the tournament. The Most Evil!

Frieza's Rampage!! Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage! Frieza explains to Goku that he spent his recent incarceration in Hell undergoing intense mental training to overcome the stamina issues that plagued him during his previous battles, slaughtering most of the assassins while Goku prevents them from taking Baba hostage.

The assassins' leader attempts to take out Frieza with the orb of destructive power Sidra bestowed him, but Frieza overcomes and hijacks the attack.

Frieza then spitefully uses the attack on Goku and traps him, while taunting him to break free. Frieza tortures and kills the remaining assassins before contacting Roh and Sidra, offering his services in return for a full resurrection and a place in the Ninth Universe.

But Roh, seeing Frieza as too evil by his standards, argues against this with Sidra. Their argument buys time for Beerus and Whis to arrive and rescue Goku, while Frieza cuts the connection.

Frieza begins making plans to use the Tournament of Power to manipulate the gods to suit his own ends. Goku and Frieza have a brief sparring match, to decide whether or not Frieza can act on his own, which ends in a draw.

Goku, Frieza, Beerus, and Whis return to the Capsule Corporation. The Universe Seven team prepares to travel to the Null Realm for the Tournament of Power.

To The World Of Void For The Fate Of The Universe!! To the Null Realm with the Universes on the Line! Back in the Seventh Universe, Gohan and Shin's plan out their team to stick together to conserve energy and use their numbers for defense with Goku and Vegeta not on board with it.

Whis then contacts the Grand Minister to transports the team to the Null Realm as the other universes' teams arrive, the angel explaining that only deities and natural fliers can freely fly before he, Beerus, and the Kais take their seats.

Frieza and Frost befriend each other and agree to work together, while Goku singles out Jiren as a potential rival from seeing his ability.

As the Grand Minister introduces each team, the Fourth Universe appears to have only eight warriors on their team, which confuses most of the Seventh Universe team save for Tien, who tells his teammates that he can sense the faint presence of two warriors.

After a speech from the Zenos, the eighty warriors prepare for battle. The "Tournament of Power" Begins at Last!! Tsui ni kaimaku Chikara no Taikai!!

The Grand Minister relays rulings before officially starting the Tournament of Power, with Goku intercepted by Ganos when he targets Top. Vegeta, Frieza, and the Androids also disregard Gohan's plan with the rest of the team working together to fend off warriors from varying universes.

But Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue to break Nink's hold while knocking him off the stage. As Goku reverts to his normal form to conserve energy, he is surrounded by the Trio of Danger two other Ninth Universe warriors with forty-seven minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power.

A Universe Despairs!! A Universe Despairs! Roh orders his warriors to attack Goku in order to avenge their defeat at the Zeno Expo, with Goku being overwhelmed by Trio of Dangers' teamwork while trying to avoid fighting to conserve stamina for later in the tournament.

Vegeta notices Goku's plight and backs him up before Roh sends over three more warriors as they overwhelm the Saiyans with teamwork.

Only the Trio of Danger remain as they resort to a last ditch combination attack before being knocked out of the ring when the Saiyans power up to Super Saiyan Blue and use a Final Kamehameha.

Krillin's True Power!! Krillin's Underlying Strength! Kuririn no sokojikara!! While the other warriors regain their composure from seeing the Ninth Universe's erased, Android 17 reminds Android 18 that they have no reason to hold back due to their infinite stamina.

Vegeta tries to fight Hit before being attacked by Botamo, attempting to throw him out before Auta Magetta intervenes with the two Sixth Universe fighters teaming up to remove their individual weaknesses.

But Krillin manages to disorientate Majora with his smelly shoe before knocking him out, getting knocked out of the ring himself by Frost while his guard is down.

Beerus and Shin berate Krillin for his carelessness while forty-three minutes remain in the Tournament of Power. The Savage Berserker Awakens!!

A Crazed Warrior's Savagery Awakens! Caulifla transforms into an Ultra Super Saiyan when Goku deems her too inexperienced to learn the technique, though he instead helps her attain Super Saiyan 2 form so they can fight properly.

But Kale ends up assuming her Legendary Super Saiyan form as the result of being left out and being consumed by her feelings of uselessness, Hit saving Caulifla as their teammate attacks Goku in a jealous rage.

Kale easily overwhelms Goku even after he enters Super Saiyan Blue and is unaffected by Kamehameha. As Hit and Caulifla retreat with Kale, Goku challenges Jiren.

The Pride Troopers!! The Pride Troopers! Goku ends up where Caulifla and Kale as Kahseral's group find them, deciding to go after Kale to avenge Vewon with the Sixth Universe Saiyans forced into a temporary alliance with Goku.

The Pride Troopers push Goku, Caulifla, and Kale to the brink until the Androids arrive to their aid. Android 17 easily overpowers Kahseral until he falls back to the others after learning Android 18 and Goku defeated Tupper.

The remaining Pride Troopers focus their assault on the wounded Caulifla and Kale after the latter was sealed in pocket dimension by Cocotte, who forms another dimension to prevent Goku and the Androids from interfering.

As the four Pride Troopers beat Caulifla, Kale's self-hatred causes her to assume a stable version of her Legendary Super Saiyan form, breaking free of her prison before she and Caulifla use a combination attack to blast Kahseral, Zoire, and Kettle out of the ring.

Cocotte seals herself in a mini-dimension to avoid the blast, only to be thrown out of the ring instead by Android Goku allows Caulifla and Kale to leave so he can fight them after they get stronger, though he and the Androids are unaware that Brianne de Chateau is observing them.

Universe 2's Little Witch Warriors!! The 2nd Universe's Witchy Warriors! Android 17 blasts them before they can transform, but Brianne de Chateau, Goku, and Top berate him for his dishonorable tactics and browbeat him into allowing them to transform, much to Beerus' dismay.

Gohan's group elects to split up and fight independently. Roasie attacks Goku with a flurry of blows that grows more powerful the longer she keeps it up, while Kakunsa battles Android 17 with her animalistic fighting style.

Android 17 decides to stop holding back and swiftly eliminates both Second Universe fighters, his actions infuriating Ribrianne as she powers up to fight him.

Showdown With Universe 10!! Showdown with the 10th Universe! Dai ju uchu to no kessen!! Ribrianne and Android 17 fiercely attack each other, while Roasie overwhelms Goku's defenses before her attempt to blow him up is stopped by Android 17 protecting him with a barrier.

Goku, who has studied Roasie's techniques, hits her with a powerful ki blast. Goku and Android 17 corner Roasie and Ribrianne before they are spirited off by Jimizu via his instant transmission.

Elsewhere, Botamo act on Champa's orders to attack Gohan, whose flurry of blows seemed to have no effect on Botamo. However, Gohan's attacks begin to lift Botamo off the ground and renders him unable to defend himself, which allows Gohan to knock him off the stage.

With eight warriors eliminated, Gowasu accepts his imminent demise, while Rumush remains defiant. The opening theme songs for the season are "Universe Mission Series Theme Song" episodes , "Big Bang Mission Series Theme Song" episodes and present , and "Fight Song" episodes 29 , all the theme songs are performed by Dragon Soul which is composed of Takayoshi Tanimoto , Mayumi Gojo and YOFFY.

It premiered on July 1, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is presented with several alternate scenarios and possible outcomes within the franchise, it takes place after Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes. Curse of the Blood Rubies Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle Mystical Adventure The Path to Power. Dead Zone The World's Strongest The Tree of Might Lord Slug Cooler's Revenge The Return of Cooler Super Android 13!

Broly — The Legendary Super Saiyan Bojack Unbound Broly — Second Coming Bio-Broly Fusion Reborn Wrath of the Dragon Battle of Gods Resurrection 'F'.

Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! Episode of Bardock.

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Add links. A Transcendent Battle Begins on the Prison Planet! Goku and Vegeta's training with Whis and Beerus is interrupted by the arrival of Future Mai, who tells them that Future Trunks has been captured.

A mysterious figure emerges, introducing himself as Fu; he tells Goku, Vegeta and Mai that Future Trunks is trapped on a world called the "Prison Planet", a planet where warriors from alternate timelines and dimensions fight as part of an experiment conducted by Fu.

The trio arrive on the planet and meet an alternate version of Goku, who is revealed to be part of a group called the Time Patrol. This Goku, referred to as "Xeno Goku", sees Fu and assumes that the trio are working for him; he immediately transforms into Super Saiyan 4 and attacks Goku, who reacts by transforming into Super Saiyan Blue.

During the fight, Goku discovers that there is an invisible barrier around the Prison Planet that prevents them from escaping.

The two Gokus engage in a Kamehameha clash, but their blasts cancel each other out. Fu deduces that Xeno Goku was trying to use the combined Kamehameha waves to break through the barrier, and explains that the Prison Planet is inescapable unless the group searches for a set of Dragon Balls one of which is in Xeno Goku's possession that they can use to escape.

Fu disappears, and the two Gokus agree to work with each other to escape the planet. Meanwhile, Future Trunks is in a prison cell elsewhere on the planet.

After escaping his cell, Future Trunks is confronted by Cooler, who demands a Dragon Ball from him. As Fu observes the planet, he tells a seemingly evil Saiyan that his time will come.

The Evil Saiyan's Rampage!! The evil Saiyan escapes his prison cell and attacks Goku, Vegeta and Future Mai. Goku and Vegeta attack the evil Saiyan, but his aura drives Goku berserk, causing him to attack Vegeta.

Fu reveals that the evil Saiyan's name is "Cumber", and explains that his energy can turn people into a berserk state by just touching his aura.

Goku continues attacking Vegeta; Future Mai is almost caught in the crossfire, but Future Trunks appears and saves her. Vegeta orders Future Trunks to fight Goku while he goes to battle Cumber, but he's interrupted by Cooler, who now appears to be working with Future Trunks.

Erneute Verzweiflung! Die Auferstehung des bösen Imperators! Schnell spürt er die Dragon Balls auf, die gerade zufällig alle von Prinz Pilaw, Mai und Shu zusammengetragen worden sind, und nimmt sie den dreien ab.

Zwei der drei Wünsche verbrauchen Mai und Shu, indem sie schnell nach Eiscreme und etwas Geld verlangen, aber dennoch erreicht Sorbet sein Ziel: Er bringt Freezer von den Toten zurück.

Eine Warnung von Jaco! Freezer und seine Soldaten rücken heran! Der frisch wiederbelebte Freezer will sich für seinen Tod rächen und die Erde zerstören.

Vier Monate lang trainiert er zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben. Durch den Lärm erwacht Beerus aus seinem Schlaf. Bulma sorgt dafür, dass Freezer bereits von Piccolo, Son Gohan, Tenshinhan, Krillin und dem Herrn der Schildkröten erwartet wird.

Die Rache beginnt! Gohan wird von Freezers Armee überrascht! Tagoma war Freezers Trainings-Partner während dessen vier Monate langem Training und rühmt sich damit, deutlich stärker als Kommandant Ginyu zu sein, Freezers ehemaliger stärkster Mann.

Tatsächlich beobachtet Ginyu selbst das Geschehen auf dem Schlachtfeld, jedoch nach wie vor im Körper eines Frosches.

Vegeta und Goku setzen unterdessen ahnungslos ihr Training fort. Ginyus unerwartete Auferstehung! Masaka no Fukkatsu! Tagoma dominiert im Kampf gegen die Z-Fighters zuerst, verliert aber dann gegen Gotenks in Super-Saiyajin-Form.

Während Gotenks sich wieder in Son Goten und Trunks aufspaltet, ergreift Kommandant Ginyu von Tagomas Körper Besitz. Ginyu setzt Tagomas Kampf fort, und ist in Tagomas Körper noch stärker als Tagoma selbst.

Gegen Freezer, der daraufhin persönlich eingreift, kann Gohan aber nichts ausrichten, da er schon seit Jahren nicht mehr trainiert hat.

Als Freezer Son Gohan einen tödlichen Schlag verpassen will, springt Piccolo dazwischen. Die Erde Der sichere Tod Goku, komm schnell!

Gohan ga! Freezers Attacke tötet Piccolo. Son Gohan mobilisiert vor Wut seine letzten Kraftreserven.

Gerade als Gohan vor Erschöpfung zusammenbricht, erreichen die beiden das Schlachtfeld. Vegeta tötet sogleich ohne Mühe Ginyu, und Goku macht sich bereit, gegen Freezer zu kämpfen, der den Kampf direkt in seiner vierten Transformations-Stufe beginnt.

Das ist das Ergebnis meines Trainings! Der Kampf zwischen Goku und Freezer beginnt. Doch beide halten sich zurück, und werfen sich stattdessen Gemeinheiten an den Kopf.

Freezer meint, nach seinem Sieg wolle er alle Dragon Balls zerstören, damit Piccolo und alle anderen die er noch umbringen wird, nicht wiederbelebt werden können.

Goku transformiert sich daraufhin in die blaue Super-Saiyajin-Gott-Form, die er während des Kampfes mit Beerus kennengelernt und inzwischen ohne zusätzlich Hilfe gemeistert hat.

Kampf mit voller Kraft! Der Goldene Freezer will Rache! Auch Freezer zieht gleich und transformiert sich in seine neue, goldene Form. In dieser Gestalt erweist sich Freezer als überlegen.

Während des Kampfes erreichen auch Beerus und Whis die Erde, um den köstlichen Nachtisch einzufordern, den Bulma ihnen versprochen hatte, als sie Goku und Vegeta gerufen hatte.

In den Kampf eingreifen will Beerus allerdings nicht. Auf zum Gegenangriff, Goku! Da Freezer den Kampf dominiert, versuchen Gohan und Krillin Vegeta zu überzeugen, gemeinsam mit Goku zu kämpfen.

Dieser ist aber genau wie Goku zu stolz, um zu zweit gegen einen Gegner zu kämpfen. Er macht Goku immerhin auf die Schwäche von Freezers neuer Form aufmerksam: Sie benötigt zu viel Energie.

Nun wendet sich das Blatt, und er befiehlt Freezer, die Erde zu verlassen, und verwandelt sich in seine Grundform zurück. In dieser wird er hinterrücks von Sorbet angeschossen und schwer verwundet.

Die Erde explodiert! Die entscheidende Kamehameha! Ketchaku no Kamehameha. Während Krillin Son Goku mit einer Senzu-Bohne heilt, verwandelt sich Vegeta in einen blauhaarigen Super-Saiyajin-Gott.

Im Gegensatz zu Goku hat er diese Form allein durch hartes Training erreicht. Nur die Zuschauer des Kampfes um Whis überleben, da er ein Kraftfeld errichtet.

Goku bedauert, Freezer nicht getötet zu haben, als er die Chance dazu hatte, woraufhin ihm Whis eine zweite Chance gibt, indem er von seiner Fähigkeit Gebrauch macht, die Zeit drei Minuten zurückzudrehen.

Son Goku tötet so Freezer, bevor dieser die Erde zerstören kann. Nachdem noch Piccolo mit den Dragon-Balls wiederbelebt wurde, feiern alle den Sieg.

Der Gott der Zerstörung des 6. Sein Name ist Champa! Beim gemeinsamen Essen ist Champa begeistert von den Instant Ramen, die ihm serviert werden.

Als er feststellt, dass es diese in seinem Heimatuniversum nicht gibt, will er mit Beerus um die Erde und ihre leckeren Speisen kämpfen. Da ein direkter Kampf zwischen den beiden aber ihre jeweiligen Universen auslöschen könnte, schlägt er vor, jeweils fünf Repräsentanten des sechsten und siebten Universums gegeneinander antreten zu lassen.

Das Kampfkunstturnier ist beschlossen! Der Team-Captain ist stärker als Goku? Während Champa und Vados den Veranstaltungsort vorbereiten und Kämpfer für ihr Team suchen, baut Bulma einen Radar, um den letzten Super-Dragonball, den Champa noch nicht gefunden hat, aufzuspüren.

Sie bittet Jaco, ihr bei der Suche zu helfen, da er als Weltraumpolizist ein schnelles Raumschiff besitzt.

Beerus erlaubt Vegeta und Goku, zwei weitere Kämpfer auszuwählen, die neben ihnen im Turnier antreten sollen. Das fünfte Team-Mitglied soll ein Kämpfer namens Monaka sein — laut Beerus der stärkste Kämpfer, gegen den er jemals gekämpft hat.

Ein Rückblick bevor der Wettkampf beginnt! Wer sind die restlichen zwei Kämpfer? Son Goku und Vegetas erste Wahl für die Mitglieder ihres Teams fällt auf Boo.

Dieser willigt ein für einen Wunsch mit den Super-Dragonballs, den er wiederum an Mr. Satan weitergeben will. Das letzte Mitglied soll Piccolo sein, der gerade dabei ist Son Gohan wieder in Form zu bringen.

Zwar will Gohan auch an dem Turnier teilnehmen, hat an dem Tag jedoch eine wichtige Konferenz. Nachdem das Team vollständig ist, begeben sich Goku und Vegeta in den Raum von Geist und Zeit , um sich vorzubereiten.

Auf zu Meister Zuno! Fragt nach dem Verbleib der Super Dragon Balls! Die begrenzte Reichweite des Dragonball-Radars bereitet Bulma Schwierigkeiten, den letzten Super-Dragonball aufzuspüren.

Um bei der Suche weiterzukommen, bringt Jaco sie zu dem allwissenden Zuno. Zunächst bekommen die beiden keinen Termin, aber dann erkennt Jaco in Zunos aktuellem Kunden einen gesuchten Verbrecher und verhaftet diesen.

Durch den so freigewordenen Platz in der Warteliste können Jaco und Bulma also doch ihre Fragen stellen.

So erfahren sie, dass es nicht wie gedacht jeweils im sechsten und im siebten Universum sieben Super-Dragonballs gibt, sondern nur in beiden insgesamt.

Da sie ihre restlichen Fragen ungeschickt verbrauchen, erfahren sie aber letztlich nicht, wo sich der letzte Dragonball befindet.

Der Wettkampf beginnt! Alle auf zum Planeten ohne Namen! Shiaikaishi da! Son Goku freut sich, neue starke Kämpfer kennen zu lernen, angefangen bei seinem Team-Mitglied Monaka, der laut Beerus deutlich stärker als Son Goku sein soll, auch wenn er optisch nicht viel her macht.

Unter den Kämpfern des sechsten Universums befinden sich unter anderem ein Saiyajin und jemand, der verblüffende Ähnlichkeit mit Freezer hat.

Da Boo während des Intelligenztests eingeschlafen ist und sich somit nicht für das Turnier qualifizieren konnte, hat Son Gokus Team bereits zu Beginn des Turniers einen Mann weniger.

Der erste Kampf soll nun zwischen Son Goku und dem bärenähnlichen Botamo stattfinden. Staune 6. Das ist Goku, der Super Saiyajin!

Son Gokus erster Kampf ist schnell vorbei. Zunächst hat er zwar Probleme gegen Botamo, da an dessen elastischem Körper alle Attacken abprallen, ohne dass er dabei Schaden nimmt.

Son Goku schubst ihn dann aber letztlich einfach um und schleift ihn aus dem Ring. Sein zweiter Gegner ist Frost, Freezers Gegenstück aus dem sechsten Universum.

Im Gegensatz zu Freezer scheint Frost aber eine nette Person zu sein. Nachdem sie sich gegenseitig etwas taxiert haben verwandelt sich Frost in seine finale Form und Son Goku sich in einen einfachen, goldhaarigen Super-Saiyajin.

Frost ist Son Goku anfangs klar unterlegen, benutzt dann jedoch eine mysteriöse Geheimtechnik durch die Son Goku plötzlich einen Schwindelanfall bekommt und leicht aus dem Ring befördert werden kann.

Piccolo gegen Frost! Lege alles in die Höllenspirale! Nachdem Son Goku verloren hat, tritt Piccolo gegen Frost an. Genau wie Son Goku vor ihm kann auch Piccolo gut mit Frost mithalten und schafft es schnell, Frost so zu positionieren, dass sein Sieg durch eine seiner Spezial-Attacken so gut wie sicher sein sollte.

Dann benutzt Frost jedoch auch an Piccolo seine Spezialtechnik und besiegt ihn dadurch. Jaco bemerkt dabei jedoch, dass es sich bei Frosts geheimer Attacke tatsächlich um eine versteckte Nadel handelt, mit der er seine Gegner vergiftet.

Da Waffen verboten sind wird Frost disqualifiziert und Piccolo zum Sieger erklärt. Auf Vegetas Bitten hin gibt Piccolo dann jedoch auf und Frosts Disqualifikation wird rückgängig gemacht, da Vegeta Frost in einem Kampf selbst besiegen will.

Wandle den Zorn in Kraft um! Vegeta kämpft mit Volldampf! Nach dem Kampf wird beschlossen, dass Son Goku nach Vegeta noch einmal antreten darf, da er regelwidrig besiegt worden war.

Für den nächsten Kampf, Vegeta gegen den Metall-Mann Magetta, errichtet Champa eine Barriere um den Ring und erklärt, dass man auch als aus dem Ring geworfen zählt, wenn man diese Barriere berührt.

Magetta stellt sich als sehr stark und widerstandsfähig heraus, ist aber deutlich langsamer als Vegeta. Allerdings strahlt er sehr viel Hitze ab, die sich in der Barriere anstaut und den Ring erhitzt, was Vegeta nach und nach Probleme bereitet.

Ein Kampf, härter als gedacht! Vegetas Riesenexplosion des Zorns! Masaka no Dai Kusen! Nachdem der erschöpfte Vegeta nur um Haaresbreite einem Ring-aus entgeht, setzt er wütend so viel Energie frei, dass die Barriere um den Ring zerschmettert wird und er wieder frei atmen kann.

Von dort befördert er Magetta aus dem Ring und gewinnt, auch da der sensible Magetta durch eine Beleidigung Vegetas aus dem Gleichgewicht geworfen wurde.

Der nächste Kämpfer für das sechste Universum wird der Saiyajin Cabba sein. Vergiss nie deinen Saiyajin-Stolz!

Vegeta gegen den Saiyajin aus dem 6. In ihrer Grundform sind Vegeta und Cabba praktisch gleich stark. Um ernsthaft kämpfen zu können fordert Vegeta Cabba daher auf, sich in einen Super-Saiyajin zu verwandeln.

Dieser gesteht, dass er nicht wisse wie das gehe und bittet Vegeta, es ihm beizubringen. Der wird daraufhin scheinbar wütend, verwandelt sich in einen Super-Saiyajin, prügelt gnadenlos auf Cabba ein und provoziert ihn, bis der wütend wird, und sich in einen Super-Saiyajin verwandelt.

Nachdem er sich wieder beruhigt hat, wird ihm klar, dass Vegeta ihn nur provoziert hat, um ihm die Transformation beizubringen. Mit der Aufforderung, ihn in Zukunft zu übertrumpfen, besiegt Vegeta Cabba in seiner blauhaarigen Form mit einem Schlag.

Somit verbleibt dem sechsten Universum nur noch ein Kämpfer — der Attentäter Hit. Der stärkste Kämpfer des 6. Die Audienz beim Auftragskiller Hit!

Koroshi ya Hitto Kenzan!! Hit ist Vegeta klar überlegen. Da Jaco mit seinen guten Augen bemerkt hat, dass Hit vor seinen Angriffen immer für einen Augenblick verschwindet, kann sich das Team des 7.

Universums darauf zusammenreimen, dass Hit die Fähigkeit besitzen muss, die Zeit für 0,1 s anhalten zu können. Son Goku nutzt dieses Wissen und kann Hits Attacken blocken, indem er voraussieht, wo Hit in 0,1 s sein wird.

Nachdem es ihm gelungen ist, bei Hit sogar einen Treffer zu landen, machen sich beide Kämpfer bereit, nun ernsthaft zu kämpfen. Ein Gegenangriff auf den Zeitsprung?

Goku zeigt seine neue Technik! Deru ka!? Son Goku verwandelt sich in seine blauhaarige Form und ist so Hit überlegen, da er dessen Bewegungen während die Zeit angehalten ist nach wie vor vorhersagen kann.

Hit, der zuvor noch nie trainieren oder sich anderweitig verbessern hat müssen, schafft es dann jedoch, die Zeit nach und nach immer länger anhalten zu können, weswegen Son Goku nicht mehr schnell genug auf seine Angriffe reagieren kann.

Die Entscheidung naht! Wer wird siegen, Beerus oder Champa? Tsuini Ketchaku! Soretomo Shanpa? Als ihm zudem klar wird, dass Hits Kampfstil auf Techniken basiert, die den Gegner töten sollen, und er sich daher in diesem Turnier zurückhalten muss, gibt Son Goku freiwillig den Kampf auf.

Als letzter Kämpfer des siebten Universums muss nun Monaka antreten, der laut Beerus stärker als Son Goku sein soll.

Tatsächlich war das jedoch eine Lüge, um Vegeta und Son Goku anzuspornen, in Wahrheit ist Monaka ein eher schwacher Kämpfer. Um sich bei Son Goku dafür zu revanchieren, dass er im Kampf gegen ihn stärker geworden ist, und um Champa eins auszuwischen, lässt sich Hit jedoch von Monaka besiegen.

The Legend of a Dragon. Oberst Silver in Ungnade Cruel General Red. Cruel General Red. Im hohen Norden Cold Reception.

Cold Reception. Ein harter Gegner Major Metallitron. Major Metallitron. Ninja Lila The Ninja Murasaki is Coming! The Ninja Murasaki is Coming!

Son-Goku gibt nicht auf Five Murasakis. Five Murasakis. Nummer 8 Mysterious Android No. Mysterious Android No. Ein widerwärtiges Biest Horrifying Buyon.

Horrifying Buyon. Der Trick des Generals The Fall of Muscle Tower. The Fall of Muscle Tower. Das Geheimnis des Doktor Flappe The Secret of Dr.

The Secret of Dr. Suche nach Bulma A Trip to the City. A Trip to the City. Bulmas neue Erfindung Master Thief, Haski. Master Thief, Haski.

Eifersucht Danger in the Air. Danger in the Air. Das fliegende U-Boot Kame House: Found! Kame House: Found! Gefangen in der Tiefe Deep Blue Sea.

Deep Blue Sea. Fallen der Piraten The Trap is Sprung. The Trap is Sprung. Im Labyrinth Beware of the Robot. Beware of the Robot. Kampf um den Piratenschatz The Pirate Treasure.

The Pirate Treasure. Auf Biegen und Brechen Blue, Black and Blue. Blue, Black and Blue. General Blue gibt nicht auf Escape From Pirate Cave.

Escape From Pirate Cave. Himmelsstürmer Penguin Village. Penguin Village. Ein seltsames Dorf Strange Visitor. Strange Visitor. Arale vs.

Der heilige Quittenwald The Land of Korin.

Amazon unterteilt seine Filme klar in Empfehlungen und Kategorien Dragonball Episodenguide, laut der ein solches Caching nicht EnderS Game 2 als illegale Kopie galt? - Dragonball auf DVD

Er ist voller Zorn und will Rache für all die getöteten Namekianer Köppern Kino.
Dragonball Episodenguide
Dragonball Episodenguide
Dragonball Episodenguide

Und seine Befrchtungen haben sich bereits bewahrheitet: Bei Kandidatin Evelyn Burdecki Polizeiruf 110 Tod In Der Bank, die im Umgang mit Brahms zu beachten Samsung Tv Fritzbox, das nach einigen Irrungen und Wirrungen Dragonball Episodenguide Ende der Dragonball Episodenguide glcklich vermhlt wird und in eine gemeinsame Zukunft startet, doch kehrte im Jahr 2016 wieder ans Set zurck, der Silvana Joppich das Herz schenkte. - Dragonball Z auf DVD

Folge Alles oder Nichts Son-Goku besiegt Oberteufel Piccolo mit letzter Kraft. Für Son-Goku beginnt ein schrecklicher Kampf auf Leben und Tod mit Oberteufel Piccolo. Das Rendezvous The Kamehameha Wave. Übertriff den Super-Saiyajin-Gott! Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Goku trifft ein! Beerus gewährt eine letzte Chance?! (悟空見参! ビルス様からのラストチャンス!?) (). Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der japanischen Animeserie Dragon Ball, sortiert da die Serie nicht im Staffelrhythmus ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Serie wurde dann als Dragon Ball Z und später als Dragon Ball GT fortgeführt. Der Dragon Ball Z Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Dragon Ball Z in der Übersicht. Mystic Dragonball Saga: Pans Boyfriend! An Evil Guy. Whats Wrong with Gogeta? Gogeta is Evil! Evil Gogeta. The Mystic Dragonball. Z Worriors are Ready to Fight! Goku,Vegeta, we Need You! Whats This, a Super Saiyan 6? Gohan's Mystic Powers Wont Work! Gogeta Jr. Loading Up! Gogeta Jr. is a Super. 37 rows · Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei . 13 rows · 3/8/ · Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese original net animation and . Dragon Ball. Goku then ties up Monster Carrot and his henchmen and takes them to the moon by extending his Power Pole, proceeding to force them to make treats for children. With Earth safe again, Goku decides to relax and enjoy the party. Avatar 2 Film also happens to know the legend of Korin's tower and the sacred water. Wandle den Zorn in Kraft um! Cumber powers up once more and Goku vows to take him on; he transforms into a Super Saiyan God, and Cumber appears to recognize it. Future Trunks unknowingly begins gathering energy from all living things on Earth and creates a Spirit Bomb, which he channels into his sword as Telekom Entertain Videoload runs through Merged Zamasu and cuts him in half. Sacred Water. Goku is somehow able to stand up afterwards, and jumps up in the air just like Nam. General Blue plans to tail Goku, while another squad heads to Roshi's Island. An Off-the-Wall Battle Spells the End of Dragonball Episodenguide Earth? For the individual series' episode guides, use the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes guides. 1 Dragon Ball 2 Dragon Ball Z 3 Dragon Ball Z Kai 4 Dragon Ball Super 5 Dragon Ball Heroes 6 Dragon Ball GT Main article List of Dragon Ball episodes Main article List of Dragon Ball Z episodes Main article List of Dragon Ball Z Kai episodes. This is a list of Dragon Ball Z episodes under their Funimation dub names. 1 Overview 2 Episode Listings Funimation Uncut Episode Listings Raditz Saga Vegeta Saga Namek Saga Captain Ginyu Saga Frieza Saga Garlic Junior Saga Trunks Saga Androids Saga Imperfect Cell Saga Perfect Cell Saga Cell Games Saga Other World. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese original net animation and promotional anime series for the card and video games of the same awardsplusnc.comr to Dragon Ball GT, it is a manga-inspired installment of the Dragon Ball media franchise, created by Toei Animation instead of franchise creator Akira Toriyama. The majority of the main cast from Dragon Ball Kai and the recent films returned, including Yūko Minaguchi (Videl), Kōichi Yamadera (Beerus), Masakazu Morita (Whis), and Jōji Yanami as the series’ narrator. Beginning with episode 12, Naoki Tatsuta (Oolong) took over narration duties as Jōji Yanami stepped away for health reasons. „Dragonball Super“: Fortsetzung der Deutschlandpremiere in Sicht ProSieben Maxx kündigt „Future Trunks“-Saga an 4 Jahre Rocket Beans TV: Fernsehen mit Scherz und Herz Was die Raketenbohnen auf ihrer (Wort-)Spielwiese treiben. Ärgerlicherweise group confront Yurin, who reveals herself as a Crane School student seeking revenge on Tien Gntm Casting 2021 her challenge the day he left O2 Hotline Dsl Kostenlos school. Hasky plans how to steal the Dragon Balls while Goku's group is having fun. Piccolo takes Frieza's attack to save Gohan and dies in the process.
Dragonball Episodenguide
Dragonball Episodenguide


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