Forex indicator and egocentric trader

In Forex

Yes, sometimes we have to be an egocentric person to gain a successful trade. Why? Because there is no one out there is same like us. Every person is unique and every trader has their own styles. Forex indicator can be the most egocentric software based on the trader purpose.

Since it is similar to a gambling situation, the first hint is do not trust other traders or mix trading styles. Maybe, they want to know our card, so don’t give them our card and let them mix it. Second, you know what they don’t know. It means you only rely on your personal judgment and trust it as the best solution. We can have additional trends information and calculation through forex indicator but the real cooking is within our head.

You know better about your own opportunities, your risks and also your instincts, so forex indicator is no more than a personal assistance to make the decisions. The truth is you are the real decision maker, you are the boss. Then, when you have decided something and you get a feedback whether it is a win or lose condition, try to accept it calmly and manage your emotion. Well, egocentric is not a sin, it is a survival technique in this jungle.

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