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Forex Lines 7

Forex Lines 7


The function of  Forex Lines 7  :

  • Tells You a Big Move is About to Happen
  • Tells You When a Trend is Over
  • Tells You When a Trend is About to Reverse
  • Saves A Lot Of Time
  • It takes all emotion out of trading
  • It makes money

How to use it ?

  • Wait for the signal appears on H4, if the sell signal appears, immediately put EA on short positions. If the buy signal appears, put EA in long only.
  • 99 % accurate at the H4 time frames.
  • It is easy to understand for the newbie and professional.

Forex Lines will prove useful for all liquid markets, regardless of your trading experience.

  • Forex Lines will help you to acquire the right trend following mindset
  • Forex Lines will always keep you in the right side of the market
  • Forex Lines signals are straightforward and intuitive

Email me if you need this Indicator.


Get Accurate Trading Signal from MQL5 Signals

Get Accurate Trading Signal from MQL5 Signals

Making your luck in a trading market is not easy. There are big risks you will face. If you are not careful, you can be broke. However, if you’re smart and have the correct tools, you could reach your success. One of the most growing segments in the financial market is Forex. If you are planning to join it, you must know what it’s all about first. By Joining Forex, you can trade currency. Therefore, you can sell and buy currency from all over the world. If you do it right, you can achieve high profit. To enable you getting high profit, you need to have the correct tool. It is trading signal

What is trading signal?

Trading Signal is a service that enables traders to copy trading operation of any signal provider. To get the trading signals, many traders use platform that is called MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. This trading platform enables the traders to subscribe or provide trading signal for other traders. Therefore, you can monitor all trades the successful ones and the fail ones. However, finding the best trading signal that gives you the most accurate information is not easy. You can use MQL5 Signals to get the most trusted trading signal to help you reach your success in Forex trading.

When you get trading signal MQL5 Signals Service, you will be able to get trading signal from professional traders. Those traders provide accurate and excellent information of the trading market to those who are willing to get the subscriptions. In consequence, the subscribers pay some monthly fee to the trading signal provider.

How to register?

To get subscriptions, you need to Register on Once you open this website, you must click ‘subscribe’ . After that, you need to choose the subscriptions period and the date when you want to start getting the subscriptions. You can choose weekly subscriptions or monthly subscriptions. After that, you can select the broker’s name. All the brokers in this website have followed a screening. Therefore, you do not need to worry that they will not be able to provide you with excellent information. They are experienced in trading that they can provide accurate information.

The Advantages will bring a lot of advantages to those who are related to the trading market. For the subscriber, they can get accurate and useful trading signal that they can copy and study. Therefore, they can use it to make up their mind on what step they are going to do in the Forex market. Moreover, for the signal trading provider, they can get highly paid because of the information they provide for the subscribers.

FxUltra Trend

FxUltra Trend

This indicator can give you nice pips in trading simple and powerful in his site since 2009 c an won $ 127,912 , amazing, you can see here for reference.

Most trading systems fail to deliver results, because they are focused on one specific pair of timeframe, and if that pair changes – they lose money. A lot of money. FXUltraTrend doesn’t have this problem –  it works on any timeframe, on any chart and on any pair! You could also trade it on the Gold, Oil or any other commodity! No more need to analyse 10 pairs and to waste hours on complex math and patterns. Just put this indicator and your work is done.

Use this indicator in your MT4 and checked for the movement. In this site you can get this Indicator about 69.99 euro or $ 100 , just follow the blue and red bar that given. IF you want to try and still interested to this Forex Indicator (FxUltra Trend) but do not much money or just want to test it, i will give you discount 50 % for this indicator, just email me but remember this is just for trail nor for commercial.

Cornflower Methode

Cornflower Methode

This System is similar to EHM , but this indicator more simple, powerfull and using only 6 indicator so you no need extra work.

Cornflower Methode can be used to all pairs like GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY etc
The best Time frame is H1 and for intra day used in H30 with TP 20-30 pips only. See the chart above. Also this system provide alarm and we can hear a signal or music so we can control when to open position. This Indicator will give you more pips than usually just learn this one.

Indicator :

1. EMA 8 (Yellow)
2. EMA 12 (violet)
3. EMA 24 (Blue)
4. EMA 72 (Gold)
5. MACD (12,26,9) type close
6. RSI 14, if RSI > 50 buy and if RSI 50

* ENTRY Buy : EMA 8 dan 12 cross up EMA 24; where EMA 8, 12 and 24 still up in EMA 72. check RSI (14) > 50
* ENTRY SELL : EMA 8 dan 12 cross down EMA 24; where EMA 8, 12 and 24 still down in EMA 72. check RSI (14)

Please download here :  Cornflower Methode

Fxfisher new Sensation

Fxfisher new Sensation

This system only focus on EUR/USD cause simple and low movement but you can try for any pairs and hope it’s work.
Time frame 30M or 1H
Using Brain system to get true signal. Using of Indicator : adx, fibo, rsi(period14), stz pivot, Fisher SEMA, Fisher sinyal, braintrading2
Use money management, and trading 5% from your account
Simple and make you relax cause we no need extra work.

Please download here :

Fxfisher new Sensation

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